What’s on Sundays

6A - 9AMusic for Sunday Morning
9A - 10ASeventh Day Adventists with Cesar Gonsalez
10A - 11AConcierto
11A - 12PShore Stories
1P - 2PChesapeake Folk with Diana Wagner
2P - 2:30PHawk Chronicles
2:30P - 3PCole Ledger Sports
3P - 4PVets Helping Vets
4P - 5PIndie City with Drew Sheckler
5P - 6PGlobal Village
6P - 7PCambridge Celtic with Cheryl Campbell
7P - 8PSwingin' with Jim - with Jim Marquette
8P - 10PLady Spins the Blues with Dr. Donna
10P - 11PIndie City with Drew Sheckler
11P - 12ASampling the Greats with Levi Lewis
12A - 6A"Raising The Dead" - Grateful Dead & More Overnight Radio