What’s on Saturdays

6A - 8ACambridge Casual Saturday Morning
8A - 9AShore Stories
9A -10AWomen in Music
10A - 11ACambridge Celtic with Cheryl Campbell
11A - 12PLady Spins the Blues with Dr. Donna
12P - 2PIndie City with Drew Sheckler
2p - 3pGlobal Village
3P - 4PChesapeake Folk with Diana Wagner
4P - 6PFolk Alley
6P - 8PJazzmatazz with Drew Sheckler
8P - 10PBay Blues with Paul Clipper
10P - 11PSampling the Greats with Levi Lewis
11P - 12PIndie City with Drew Sheckler
12P - 6A"Raising The Dead" - Grateful Dead & More Overnight Radio