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What's Happening at WHCP!

One Year Tower Membership in WHCP Community Radio


One year Transmitter membership in Cambridge Community Radio



A higher level of giving, for those who want to show even more appreciation for WHCP! You’re right on our frequency at your $101.50 donation!

Recognizable by the IRS as a tax-exempt donation to Cambridge Community Radio, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit corporation.

Benefits of Tower Level Membership:
  • One WHCP car window sticker
  • *Two* Gorgeous WHCP Cambridge Community Radio Art Calendars
  • *Two* WHCP Collectible Coffee Mugs
  • Two Premier Cinema (Cambridge & Easton) Monthly Movie Tickets for 1 Year (special events excluded)
  • WHCP Exclusive Firefly Radio ($35 value)
  • WHCP Members E-Newsletter
  • Satisfaction of supporting All Volunteer, Passion-Driven Community Radio in Cambridge, MD – A Great Place to Be!


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Remember to complete and return your ballot for the 2020 Presidential election by June 2nd!Did you know there’s another way to return your ballot? From May 21st until 8 PM June 2nd, you can drop off your ballot at a drop off location. You can find a list of drop off locations in your county here: bit.ly/2Zbn3hD Just drop and go! #MDvotes See MoreSee Less

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Here it is-your moment of nature, courtesy of the folks at Blackwater Refuge. See MoreSee Less

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Art from Vienna young people, courtesy of the DCA. What talent! See MoreSee Less

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Taking the plunge this weekend? Here is info you’ll appreciate!BACTERIA UPDATE: for those of you just tuning in, we sample bacteria levels at local swimming spots around the river weekly throughout the season and post the results every Friday to help the public determine safe swimming conditions for the weekend. Visit theswimguide.org for more information, and join the monitoring campaign by following #SwimmableShoreRivers

Sailwinds Beach – PASS
Hambrooks Bay Beach – PASS
Bill Burton Beach – PASS
Denton – PASS
The Strand, Oxford – PASS
Bellevue Beach – PASS

**It’s important to note that we did have a significant amount of rain since these samples were collected and we know that bacteria levels increase from runoff after large rain events.

Please note that there are inherent risks associated with open water swimming and recreational contact including, but not limited to, bacterial infections. The bacteria we test for (enterococci) is a form of fecal bacteria that comes from human and animal waste and at failing levels can cause diarrhea, ear infections, stomach issues and other digestive problems. This is not a test for Vibrio. Bacteria levels represent the conditions at the time the sample is collected and levels can change, particularly as a result of significant rain events. Always rinse off after swimming in the river, never swim with open wounds, avoid water contact for 24-48 hours after a significant rain event, and always obey signage and local laws whenever swimming in open water. ShoreRivers utilizes the standardized EPA recreational swimming criteria of 104 cfu/100 ml for a single sample and 35 cfu/100 ml for the geometric mean calculated from multiple samples for determining passing and failing levels. #riverkeeper #choptankriver #greatmarshpark #sailwinds #billburtonfishingpier #thestrand #bellevuebeach #swimguide #dentonmd See MoreSee Less

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A tradition continues in Cambridge.The flags are up! A big thank you to Cambridge MD Rotary Club for creating the wonderful "Flags for Heroes" display at the amphitheater right next to the Dorchester Visitor Center in Cambridge. Each flag honors a hero. Walk through and read their names and why they’re being honored. What a wonderful Memorial Day tradition this is!
>> See a listing of heroes being honored this year at tinyurl.com/y86ppk39
>> There are a few flags still available to be sponsored to honor your hero.
More info at rotaryflagsforheroes.org.
(Photo by Jill Jasuta Photography)
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