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What's Happening at WHCP!

The Exclusive WHCP Firefly Radio!


The Firefly Radio—a radio build into a Mason jar, available only at WHCP!



Crafted to look like a mason jar filled with fireflies, WHCP’s exclusive Firefly Radio is the perfect countertop radio for a busy kitchen. The controls are simple–turn a single volume knob and WHCP radio is on the air! The Firefly Radio has an extendable antenna to work better in the fringe areas, and though it comes pre-tuned to WHCP 101.5 FM, instructions are included for tuning the Firefly to a different frequency.

Firefly Radios are shipped postage-paid at only $45.00 each.


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Tunes Now Spinning on WHCP


Eagleman Volunteers are needed. Email Victoria Windmiller im70.3eagleman@ironmanvolunteers.com

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Next Saturday…come together…***SHARE*** It’s time we unify and Save.Our.Selves. We begin Saturday to Bring Justice and Bring Peace to Ourselves!! ✊🏽 ✊🏾 ✊🏿 #Justice4Ra

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Maybe tomorrow!

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Up in the sky-soon from Wallops!! A launch!We’re at peak rocket launch excitement🚀 🤩 We know a lot of you are excited for tonight’s Black Brant XII sounding rocket launch for the KiNET-X mission. We’re still counting down to open the launch window at 8:02 p.m. EDT for 40 minutes. But it’ll be tricky! We will have to wait and see if the winds settle down enough to launch, along with having clear skies here at Wallops and Bermuda.We know you have lots of questions, so we’ll try to answer a few big ones.👀 Where do I look?We’re launching the rocket from Wallops Island, Virginia. So just figure out which direction we are from you, and that’s where you need to look! For the vapor tracers, they will be released around 9-10 minutes after launch at about 217-249 miles altitude over the Atlantic Ocean and 540-560 miles downrange from Wallops, just north of Bermuda.🚀 What am I looking for in the sky?For most people, the rocket is going to look like a small dot moving quickly through the sky, similar to the International Space Station passing over, but much faster.📏 How big is a sounding rocket?The Black Brant XII can be around 55-feet tall depending on the payload size. For comparison, our Antares rocket is 140-feet tall!📺 We’ll be live at 7:40 p.m. EDT: video.ibm.com/channel/nasa-tv-wallops

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