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What's Happening at WHCP!

The Exclusive WHCP Firefly Radio!


The Firefly Radio—a radio build into a Mason jar, available only at WHCP!



Crafted to look like a mason jar filled with fireflies, WHCP’s exclusive Firefly Radio is the perfect countertop radio for a busy kitchen. The controls are simple–turn a single volume knob and WHCP radio is on the air! The Firefly Radio has an extendable antenna to work better in the fringe areas, and though it comes pre-tuned to WHCP 101.5 FM, instructions are included for tuning the Firefly to a different frequency.

Firefly Radios are shipped postage-paid at only $45.00 each.


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Directed by Dorchester resident and pastor Cesar Gonzales, the film is about the mid-70’s musical revolution with roots in the emerging New York City hip-hop scene that exploded on Pine Street. All while exploring the racial tensions that continue to divide the town.

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