Help us build the Cambridge Community Media Center!
We have just marked
WHCP’s second anniversary of going “on the air”
and nothing could be more exciting than the official news of new studios!  Donate Now!

Thanks to leadership donations WHCP already has just over 70% of the $200,000 needed for the new facility on hand! That secures the technical build out for three of the four studios. Microwave, digital interconnection, and studio furniture are being installed.
The all-important street level Groove City Music Recording Studio & Public Event and Meeting space depends on you!

Be listed on the wall in the “founders acknowledgement” on permanent display in the new facility!

WHCP isn’t a building.  It isn’t control rooms, studios, offices, or even a transmitter.  Listeners tell us WHCP is an oasis of local conversation, music, news and events.  WHCP is companionship, information and music. WHCP is home.

The massive STX-34 console has arrived, thanks to a generous donation from George Blood Recording Studios in Philadelphia.

In our original “consignment shop” cramped studios at 512 Poplar Street, there is no dedicated space for live performances, training student interns, volunteer radio readers for the Blind reading service, or for teaching community journalists and music hosts.  All those activities share our lovable main studio which lacks grounded power and where the lack of soundproofing sounds like we are often recording right out on the noisy Poplar St. sidewalk.  You can almost smell the gas fumes!  We have been saving our pennies for a great opportunity in the future.  And that future is now!

Thanks to the leadership of Board Members George Vojtech and Patty Kaczmarek, and with the unanimous backing of the full Board, a new community media center at 516 Race Street is taking shape.  The new Cambridge Community Media Center and Groove City Recording Studios will provide nearly three times the space at half the monthly cost.  The new facility will allow WHCP to dramatically expand and enhance our services to the MidShore.  We just have to finish the technical build out.  Won’t you help!?

>>Donate Now<< Help us finalize the build out of the new, WHCP state-of-the-art Cambridge Community Media Center!