Host: Dr. Donna Flaggs


Welcome to WHCP’s Rideout Studio, home of  LADY SPINS THE BLUES.  You’ll have a down-in-the-basement, soul cleansing good time — guaranteed !!!


Dr. Donna rolls out the music that turns her world, from contemporary artists to down-in-the-basement juke joint crooners. The Doctor plays it all, but has a tender spot for the ladies of the blues, and soulful men with a song to sing.

Dr. Donna explains:  “I fell in love with the blues when I was 16 years old.  I went to a prestigious all-girls school in Baltimore City and was assigned an English project researching a Baltimore bred iconic figure. Why would a 16 year-old white girl choose the very tragic and soulful Billie Holiday? The verdict is still out but I must say it was a match made in heaven. And then, my love of music took a three-point turn. Billie Holiday and all of her nuisances turned me on to really good and soulful music. She talked a lot about Bessie. That would be Bessie Smith…WOW. Discovering Bessie Smith was going back in time from Billie, back to the 1920’s. I needed more! I learned about Janis and the three kings…BB, Albert and Freddie. Stevie Ray showed up, as well as Koko and Johnny Clyde. This was the three-point turn. Billie to Bessie to the more recent past! I love this music and I hope to engage an audience that will likewise enjoy it.”