Listen Live with VLC

An even better way to listen live…use VLC to stream WHCP

VLC player is a music player that can do a lot more than just stream WHCP. VLC can also manage all of your music and videos, and can actually replace all your music software so you can have everything you want to listen to in one place.

VLC comes in versions for Windows, Mac, Android and IOS, making it a great addition to your phone as well–and streaming WHCP easily from your phone is just plain awesome!

If you already know and use VLC, skip down to the streaming instructions. Otherwise, here’s what you do.

Go to and check out VLC’s features, then go to the bottom of the page and download the version you need. For your phone, look in the Apple store or the Android Play Store. VLC claims to not add any spyware, tracking or ads, and their downloads have always been safe and clean to us, but be careful!

Install VLC, then navigate to the menu item that says “Stream,” and select it. Where it says, “Enter network address…” type in the following:

Type it in exactly–don’t forget any of the punctuation. Hit the “Go” arrow and it will add the address to a list below the network address entry box. You now have the WHCP stream saved as a menu item.

Click on the WHCP stream address you just entered (on your phone app, touch it with your finger), and hey presto! WHCP is playing!

There’s lots of other features to VLC that you can explore at your leisure, but now you have a single link that you can click to connect to WHCP any time, anywhere!