Bay Blues

Paul & Donna

Dr. Donna and Paul Clipper fight over the best seat in Studio A.

On-Air Host: Paul Clipper

Thursdays and Saturdays, 8 – 10 p.m.

Tuesday, 1:00 p.m.

Bay Blues: Host Paul Clipper digs deep, and rolls out a playlist that covers all corners of the blues world. From Robert Johnson to Robert Plant, be ready for anything, from stepping a shuffle to drowning in warm beer. Broadcast live on Thursday nights, one of only two live shows on WHCP! Repeated on Saturday nights.

“I started my radio career with a jazz and blues show in Bellows Falls, Vermont, at WOOL-FM, and had a great time spinning all my favorite tunes for everyone. At the time, I said the reason I went into local radio was so that I could play Mose Allison, Tom Waits and Miles Davis for the unsuspecting masses. It was a lot of fun, but honestly the catalog was too large, and though I was a diehard jazz fan, I found myself drifting deeper into blues music as I went along. It’s a music based on the human soul–historically created by musicians who may know nothing at all about formal music structure, and played by ear. Blues music is about truth; about real emotion, straight from the heart. I ain’t lyin’!”